What We Believe*


God is Love and Love is for Everyone.

It is impossible to love each other without a sense of mutual (equal) worth and respect for each other.


Romans 13:10- Love worketh no ill to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

1st John 4:20- It is impossible to love God, whom we’ve never seen and hate our brothers and sisters whom we see every day.


God is neither male nor female; God is spirit and spirit has no gender.


Liberation Theology for all, and is not oppressive to anyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, practices or previous religious affiliation.


God is greater than any religion, denomination or school of thought.


Enlightenment and revelation are continuous and did not stop with those found in the Bible.


Personal belief systems must be supportive of healthy self acceptance, spiritual growth and must encourage physical, emotional, and mental well being.



Bishop BeanUnity Fellowship Church, Los Angeles (UFCLA) was founded in 1982 by Reverend Carl Bean for openly gay and lesbian African Americans. The first meetings were held in the private residence of Rev. Bean, on Cochran Avenue in Los Angeles. 


(Photo: Archbishop Carl Bean)



Unity Fellowship Movement website:http://www.unityfellowshipchurch.org/site2009/


Meet our Leadership


UFC Columbia
rev dorothy harris

PastorRev. Dorothy Harris

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Jurisdictional Leadership

Jurisdictional Bishop

Bishop Jacquelyn Holland

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